Two Year Old

The Terrific Two Year Old Program

We encourage the toddlers to use their high energy and self-help skills to expand their vocabulary and strengthen their expression in a proper way.

Each month the following Skills and Concepts are covered:

  • Talking and Listening
  • Vocabulary
  • Colors
  • Social/Emotional Development
  • Self Concept
  • Small/Large Muscle Development
  • Creative Expressions

Themes for the year include:

  • September – I Can Be Me
  • October – I Can Pretend
  • November – I Can Be Healthy
  • December – I Can Go
  • January – I Can Explore
  • February – I Can Learn About Pets
  • March – I Can See Outside
  • April – I Can Go to Town
  • May- I Can Go to the Farm

Each month the children will have the following:

  • A Shape of the Month
  • A Color of the Month
  • A Puppet of the Month
  • A Rhyme of the Month
  • A Set of Opposite for the Month

Major Concepts and Skills involving the theme

The children play games, sing songs and develop social skills by playing in centers with developmental toys.

The program teachers send home a folder with your child’s work in it. (Work will not be sent home if supply fees are not paid.) The work consists of what has been worked on that particular day.

The program teachers encourage parents to take 10-15 minutes at home to go over the material with your child. Your cooperation means a great deal to your child and their teachers. They believe that parent-teacher communication will make this learning process a rewarding and growing experience for both you and, most importantly, your child.

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