Three Year Old

The Thriving Three Year Old Program

We encourage the children to be more hands-on in their exploration. They will develop better thinking and reasoning skills through the hands-on way of learning.

Each month the following Skills and Concepts are covered:

  • Language Development & Literacy
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Shapes & Colors
  • Counting, Sorting & Patterning
  • Graphing & Problem Solving
  • Science
  • Healthy Habits
  • Socialization

Themes for the year include:

  • September – I Can Be Me
  • October – I Can Imagine
  • November – I Can Be Healthy
  • December – I Can Go
  • January – I Can Discover
  • February – I Can Take Care of Pets
  • March – I Can See Stars
  • April – I Can Go to Town
  • May – I Can Go to the Farm

Each month the children will have the following:

  • A Color of the Month
  • A Shape of the Month
  • Numbers of the Month
  • Character Education
  • A Book of the Month
  • A Community Worker of the Month
  • A Set of Opposites for the Month

Major Concepts and Skills involving the theme

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