Four Year Old

The Fabulous Four Year Old Program

If your child turned 4 by September 30th of 2015, he/she is eligible for a spot in our Pre K Program! Stop in to tour and meet our amazing team of teachers!  Limited spots available!

We encourage the children to develop more of their social and emotional skills while making sure they are ready to enter kindergarten.

Each month the following Skills and Concepts are covered:

  • Language Development
  • Creative Expression
  • Counting,Sorting & Patterning
  • Numbers 0-12
  • Alphabet (out of order)
  • Positional Concepts & One-to-One Correspondence
  • Science
  • Shape & Colors
  • Socialization
  • Health & Safety
  • Independent Thinking

Themes for the year include:

  • September – I Can Be Me
  • October – I Can Imagine
  • November – I Can Be Healthy
  • December – I Can Go
  • January – I Can Discover
  • February – I Can Take Care of Pets
  • March – I Can See Stars
  • April – I Can Go to Town
  • May – I Can Go to the Farm

Each month the children will have the following:

  • A Color of the Month
  • A Shape of the Month
  • Numbers of the Month
  • Alphabet of the Month
  • Character Education
  • Community Worker of the Month
  • A Set of Opposites for the Month

Major Concepts and Skills involving the theme

  • Field trips are taken once per
    month during the school year.

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