Beary Cherry Tree

Dear BCT Families:

The staggering statistics related to COVID-19 in our community paint a concerning picture. The Louisiana Department of Health warns that our COVID-19 infections are higher than they have ever been. Given this alarming information, I wanted to send a personal message to remind everyone to be vigilant.

Please join our teachers as we double down on efforts to stop the spread of the COVID-19. In an effort to protect the health and well-being of all members of our BCT community and to preserve our ability to provide in-person learning for our children, I respectfully request that you use prudent judgement in your family’s personal upcoming events outside of school and in your normal home routines.

Together, we can continue to make school a safe place. We know that mitigation measures like wearing masks, social distancing, regularly washing/sanitizing hands, staying home when sick, testing and quarantining when necessary, will provide the best protection for not only your family, but for our BCT community. With shared responsibility and a strong commitment to the common good, we will get through this.

I urge you to engage in thoughtful decision-making in support of achieving our goals – to keep our community safe and to prevent school closures. Thank you for your partnership in this effort.

Paula Polito

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